1. Who will our Outreach impact; it should clearly demonstrate some positive impact for the Wilmington community but does not solely need to benefit Wilmington.
  2. How many will benefit from our donation or investment.
  3. How long will the benefit last; the longer the impact the greater the consideration.
  4. What recognition does it provide for the Wilmington Chamber. Outreach that broadly enhances a positive image of the Chamber should be given greater weight.

Donation Request Guidelines:

  • All requests must be sent in writing via mail or email
  • All requests must be received at least 45 days prior.
  • All requests must be on the organization’s official letterhead or include the organizations identification and contact information.
  • The date the request is needed must be included.
  • Requests must include detailed information about the organization and specific details about the nature of the request.
  • Requests must include a mailing address where we can send the donation, who the check will be made out to and an email address for the individual making the request.

Donation requests may be mailed to:

The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce  PO BOX 90  Wilmington, CA 90748

Or Email info@wilmington-chamber.com